Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

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Buy NECO Scratch Card Online. The greatest online store to get Neco Result Checker is Myexampin. You may use 1 (one) PIN to check your NECO result up to 5 (five) times in total. If you run out of the allotted amount, you might have to buy another.

Simply go to the website, click on the appropriate card's image, input the quantity and your personal information, choose your preferred payment method, preview your information, and finish the transaction. The PIN will appear right away.

Where Can I Buy Neco Result Token Online?

Are you interested in purchasing the NECO Result Checker online? We provide a convenient way to purchase authentic and legitimate NECO Result Checker from the comfort of your home or office at the best price available online. We take pride in offering accurate and genuine NECO Result checker cards that are suitable for checking NECO results for both June/July and Nov/Dec examinations.

Whether you need to confirm your NECO result for admission, employment, or personal reasons, is a trustworthy platform where you can acquire the correct and valid NECO scratch card for result verification. The delivery of value is automatic and instantaneous when you purchase the NECO result checker card through our website.

Delivery of value is automatic and instant when you buy NECO result checker card through this website.

How to Buy Neco Result Token Online?

  1. Visit homepage.
  2. Click on NECO Result Token
  3. Select the quantity you need
  4. Choose the Payment Method You prefer.
  5. After a successful payment, your PIN will be displayed instantly.

How Can I Check My NECO Result 2023?

  1. Enter the new NECO RESULT Portal by clicking here or visit
  2. On the Homepage, Select your Exam Year, Exam Type and Enter your TOKEN/PIN & Registration No.
  3. Click on the "Check Result" button only once and wait patiently for the portal to load your NECO Result
  4. Please Note: This Token can be used for 5 times for one Exam Number ONLY. Goodluck!

FAQ on NECO Scratch Card – A complete Guide on How to Buy Scratch Card

Visit Myexampin to purchase the NECO Result Token online. It is a top-notch online platform for acquiring the NECO Result Checker. You can check your NECO result up to five times using a single PIN.
If you reach the maximum limit, you will need to buy a new one. Simply access the website, select the card image, input the quantity and your personal information, choose a payment method, review your details, make the payment, and instantly receive the PIN after completion.

Buy NECO Result Token Online

On the new NECO result platform, NECO Result Token functions similarly to a NECO scratch card in token format. The NECO Result Token is primarily utilized for all NECO results, including the NECO NOV/DEC (GCE) Results and the NECO SSCE Jun/Jul (Internal) Results.

Checking the NECO result is now simpler thanks to the New NECO Result Token. The card has a 12-digit secure PIN that is necessary in order to view your NECO Results..

Another means of checking the Neco result using the Neco token was introduced by the Neco exam body. Checking the NECO result is now simpler thanks to the New NECO Result Token. A secure 12-digit personal identification number (PIN) is part of the new NECO Token and is needed to verify your NECO Results. Unlike the official Neco Result Checker, it lacks a serial number.

Can I use one NECO Token to check more than one NECO result?

Certainly! You are allowed to utilize a single NECO result token to view a specific NECO result up to five times. If you wish to view a different result, you will require a new NECO Result Token PIN.
For instance, if you mistakenly try to check a result that does not correspond to your Exam number using a NECO token, you will be considered to have utilized the token and will need to acquire a new NECO Result Token.

How Much is Neco Result Checker

The price of Neco Result Token is N900. This is the best price you can get for

The Best Website to Buy NECO Result Checker Token

At, we offer an exceptional service that stands out from others. Our online store is dedicated to delivering your NECO Result Token promptly, securely, and without any extra charges. Our primary objective is to inspire both individual users and Cybercafe owners.

We have a top-tier infrastructure to ensure a seamless online delivery of your NECO Token every time. We strive to maintain 100% product availability for our customers. Our website's robust security measures allow for a more secure and comfortable online transaction experience for everyone.

Where can I buy NECO Result Checker Online?

You can acquire NECO Result Tokens online using our platform, and you won't be charged extra for rapid delivery of the NECO Tokens to your house or place of business. On the myexampin portal, the reviewed amount of NECO token is currently ₦900.

We have provided you with an option to select from multiple payment gateways. You have two options for making payments: transferring funds or using your ATM card. The PINs will be sent to your email immediately upon payment. Our dependable and fast system may produce your Pins instantaneously upon a successful payment.

Where can I buy NECO Scratch Card Online?

Because more people are becoming aware of the internet, the necessity to purchase NECO Scratch Cards online has changed in recent years. These days, people prefer to acquire whatever they need online rather than through traditional stores.

The NECO Scratch Card online is not an exception as Myexam has developed a robust and friendly easy-to-use website where both students and teachers can buy all exam cards including neco cards.

All you need to get it done is your ATM Card or bank Transfer to complete the payment. After a successful payment, the token pin will be instantly generated and a copy of it will be forwarded to your email address. Our customer care representatives are ever ready to give a helping hand in any event you encounter any challenges.

How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the image of NECO Result Checker Token

  3. Choose the correct Examination type: Choose the correct examination you are sat for, whether it's the NECO SSCE INTERNAL or NECO SSCE EXTERNAL.

  4. Select the Quantity: Select the number of NECO scratch cards you want to purchase. The price may vary depending on the number of cards you buy.

  5. Enter some Personal Information: You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, to complete the purchase.

  6. Select Desired Payment Option: Myexampin accepts various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or other online payment options. Choose the payment option that is most suitable for you.

  7. Complete the Purchase: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

  8. Make sure to review your order before confirming the payment.

  9. Confirmation and Delivery: After a successful payment, your NECO scratch card details, including the PIN and serial number will be displayed instantly and a copy will be forwarded to your email address.

How to Buy NECO Result Checker Online

Buying the NECO result checker online is a suitable and capable way to view your results from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying NECO result checker online.

The National Examinations Council (NECO) conducts different examinations for students in Nigeria, including the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE Internal and external examination). To access your NECO results online, you need a result checker token.

The step by Step Process

Click on the image of the Card on our website.

Select the quantity required which is usually one.

Enter your personal information such as Name, email and phone number.

Choose the preferred payment gateway.

Preview your order.

On the payment page, select either to pay with your ATM Card or to pay with Transfer.

After a successful payment, your result token will be instantly displayed.

Then proceed to check your result online by following the next steps:

Visit the Official NECO Website

On the neco website enter the following information correctly:

Examination Year: The year in which you sat for the NECO exam.

Type of Examination: Specify whether you are checking the result for the SSCE (SSCE Internal or SSCE External).

Token Pin: This is a unique 12-digit number that purchased from our website.

Enter your 10-digit examination number e.g 12345678DE


How to Buy NECO PIN Online

A NECO PIN is required to view your NECO results online. It serves as a secure means of authenticating your identity and ensuring that only approved individuals can view and print your results. Without a valid PIN and your exam number, you won't be able to check your NECO results online.

Required Details

Your full name: You will be required to provide your name while purchasing this card.

Examination year (e.g., 2023); You will be required to enter a four digit exam year.

Type of examination (e.g., SSCE June/July or SSCE Nov/Dec): You will need to indicate if it is SSCE NECO Internal or NECO SSCE External.

A valid email address: This is necessary because the purchased Token will be forwarded to this email address.

A phone number for contact: This will help us to contact you in the event we need further information from you.

Preview: Before proceeding, review all the information you've entered to ensure they are correct and accurate. Once you're satisfied, click on Buy Now Button.

Make Payment: You will be prompted to make a payment for the NECO PIN. We have various payment types, including debit/credit cards and transfer option. Follow the payment directives judiciously.

Receiving Your NECO PIN: After a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation message containing your NECO PIN.

How to Purchase NECO Scratch Cards Online?

All cards on our site are genuine because we have a direct access to all the exam bodies, we do not pass through a third party. Your ATM cards will be used on a secure platform of paystack or Monnify depending on your choice. You no longer need to be worried on how to check your neco result for any year or month of exam.

NECO Result Token Pin

NECO Result Token PINs is for both NECO June/July specifically for internal or school candidates. NECO Nov/Dec specifically for private candidates. Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) specifically for third-year students of the Junior Secondary School. National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) specifically for students in their 6th year of basic education also known as Primary school.

NECO Result Token Card

NECO Result Token is a unique number that can be used to access NECO results online. The tokens can be gotten from our website seamlessly. Below are the addresses of NECO offices in case you need to visit them for any reason