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This card is a product of National Examinations Council (NECO). It is used to access NECO Results. Each card can only be used 5 times for one candidate.

PAYSTACK charges extra N100 if the total amount is N2500 or more. But FLUTTERWAVE is free.

  1. Enter the new NECO RESULT Portal by clicking here or visit
  2. On the Homepage, Select your Exam Year, Exam Type and Enter your TOKEN/PIN & Registration No.
  3. Click on the "Check Result" button only once and wait patiently for the portal to load your NECO Result

Please Note: This Token can be used for 5 times for one Exam Number ONLY. Goodluck !

  • NECO Token

    NECO Result Token or NECO Token works like NECO scratch card in token format on the new neco result platform. NECO Result Token is majorly used for checking most recent NECO results, like 2019 NECO SSCE Jun/Jul (Internal) Results and 2018 NECO NOV/DEC (GCE) Results.
  • New NECO Result Token

    The New NECO Result Token makes it easier to check NECO result. The new NECO Token comprises of a secured 12-digit unique PIN number that is required to check your NECO Results.
  • Where can I buy a NECO Result Token Online

    NECO Result Token can be purchase online from this platform and the NECO Token will be delivered to you Instantly for FREE at the comfort of your home or office without paying any extra charges. The reviewed amount of NECO token is now ₦700.
  • How many times can I use my NECO result token

    NECO Result Token can be use for 5 times for a one Candidate Exam No. After the allowed default limit, you will need to purchase a new NECO Token which will allow you to check your neco results for another five times.
  • Can I use 1 NECO Token to check more than 1 NECO result

    No! You can only use one NECO result token to check one NECO result. To check another result of interest, you will need a new NECO Result Token Pin. For example, If you misuse a NECO token by mistakenly attempting to check another result that is different from your Exam no, you will be penalised as having USED the neco token, in that case, you will need to purchase a new NECO Result Token.
  • How Can I Check my NECO Result

    To check your NECO result with Token, please click here. On the other hand, to Check your Result with NECO Result Checker Scratch Card Click here.
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