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Where to Buy Waec Gce Registration Pin

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  1. You must first create account for the candidates using the WAEC APPLICATION. It is also called the ofline application
  2. Then visit to complete the registration process.

How to Register for WAEC GCE

After obtaining the WAEC GCE Registration PIN from , candidates should visit a nearby cyber cafe that has a fingerprint scanner to capture your biometric details. The acceptable fingerprint Scanner is UareU digitalPersona fingerprint device. While registering, ensure you begin the registration from the offline application to avoid expensive mistakes that may cost you to buy a new WAEC GCE PIN

Each Candidate is expected to have a National Identification Number for the Registration exercise. Candidates MUST conclude registration within two weeks of using their PIN on the WAEC website during the registration period. They should ensure that their names, gender, passport photographs, dates of birth and subjects are correct. They are also to print the Examination Slip, as Evidence of successful registration, which will serve as identification during the examination. The Result Checker PIN will also be on the Registration Slip also known as exam slip.

After obtaining the WAEC GCE Registration Pin online, entries must be uploaded with passport photographs captured with a digital camera. The specification of the digital camera should be Microsoft HD 3000. The passport photographs must be of good quality BLACK & WHITE OR COLOUR (JPEG File only, 275 by 314 pixels with 72 dbi resolution) and with a CONTRASTING BACKGROUND. Candidates must go to examination halls in casualwear and without weapons. No professional uniform of any kind will be allowed in the examination halls.

Any Candidate that comes into the examination hall with phone(s) and /or any other electronic device(s) like laptop will have his or her entire results annulled. Candidates must ensure that their entries are correctly completed before uploading as the Council will not be held accountable for mistakes in candidates’ information entered. Request for amendments will NOT BE entertained.

When is WAEC GCE Registration Starting?

WAEC GCE now has two exams. One is called First Series also known as January/February examination. The registration for this examination usually starts around November December of the prior year and the exam holds around January and February. The second exam is called Second Series, and it’s also known as November/December examination. The registration for this exam usually starts around August while the exam starts around September and November. WAEC GCE for 2023 started on July 10th, 2023. The WAEC GCE Nov Dec for 2023 will close on October 8th, but their maybe a possibility of extension or they may start Walk-in Registration.

WAEC Nov Dec Registration

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